Can I Get a CNA Certification Online?

Did you know that the modern health care industry is one of the fastest growing, and largest, in the country? Due to this massive expansion, that’s projected to continue growing as our population ages, the need for health care professionals is also projected to grow. As the need for nurses blooms, so does the need for certified nursing assistants, or CNAs. In order to begin a career as a CNA, you must obtain state-accredited training to satisfy the certification requirements set forth by your State Board of Licensing. Traditionally, this education was delivered via colleges, vocational institutes or through organizations, such as The American Red Cross. However, due to the expansion of digital technology and communications, aspiring CNAs may obtain their required training online.

Can I Become a CNA Online?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions regarding work as a certified nursing assistant. Many who wish to enter this field are currently working in another industry. Due to the time constraints of their busy lives, attending traditional in-person training programs is not an option. While it is possible to obtain accredited training online, the act of becoming certified cannot be fully satisfied via digital platforms.

In order to become a CNA you must take and pass a state monitored certification examination. This examination cannot be offered online. Therefore, any website claiming to “certify CNAs online” is nothing more than a marketing hoax. While you may indeed receive a “certificate” for completing their coursework, this in no fashion replaces the required state certification that’s required to begin work in this field.

Online CNA Certification Programs

If you’re curious about enrolling in a CNA certification online program, there are several factors you must take into consideration.

Accreditation – While anyone may access training materials that pertain to the education modules for CNAs, if the coursework is not accredited by your State Board of Licensing or the Nursing Aide Registry for your state, you will not be eligible for state CNA certification online. Before signing any contract to attend a specific online training program, double-check the current accreditation for that program by contacting your State Board of Licensing.

Required Training Duration – Even though the primary elements of CNA training are universal throughout the country, each state regulates the actual amount of training aspiring CNAs must go through to qualify for certification. The number of required training hours may range from 100 to over 140 of training and lectures. Before agreeing to any online CNA training program, it’s best to fully understand the training requirements set forth by your state. That being noted, by attending a state accredited training program, you won’t have to worry about insufficient training duration as each program must meet regulations in order to obtain accreditation.

Learning Modules – This factor is more personalized than the aforementioned. Every person learns differently. Due to the complexity of these training programs, it’s best to choose an online program that’s designed around your preferred method of learning. This may be in the form of automatic lessons, forum-based lectures or a combination of text and video training. Only agree to an online CNA certification online program if it’s designed in such a way that boosts your ability to learn and retain information.

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